Humboldt Cider Company
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Our Ciders

We pride ourselves on creating delicious refreshing craft cider. When we first started we wanted to focus on single varietal ciders but as our experiences and business grew we had too much fun playing around with all the endless possibilities. We've created over 50 ciders and continue to experiment!

Our goal is to provide something for every palate. From dry to sweet, fruited, to hopped and everything in between.Our product is unique- we want to have fun with our craft, blending traditional cider making techniques with new creativity.

We hope you are able to try some, if not all, of our concoctions.

What's on Tap

Tap Room

Current Menu at the Tap Room- 517 F Street Eureka

Cider Garden

Current Menu at the Cider Garden- 3750 Harris St Eureka

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Original Ciders

Drysdale- 6.9% Alc. This crisp & refreshing house blend of apple varieties is a true West Coast dry cider. Its light airiness, dryness, and refreshing mouthfeel makes it easy to drink. This cider is great for blending in cocktails.

Cherry- 6.5% Alc. Winner of the 2016 Gold Medal for Fruit Cider in the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition. A well-balanced marriage of tart cherry and our house apple blend.

Honey- 6.5% Alc. Crisp with a touch of sweetness and a hint of cinnamon. Made with Collette's Humboldt Honey: Wildflower

Friends with Benefits- 6.9% Alc. Combining two friends like apples and hops can lead to quite a few benefits. This house blend is dry-hopped with Citra and Simcoe to compose a wonderful chorus of apple, citrus and floral notes.

Servin Aces- 6.9% Alc. A refreshing apple cider blended with mango and dry-hopped with Citra and Simcoe hops. A tantalizing combination of tropical notes and earthy, citrusy hop aroma.

Swipe Right -6.5% Alc. We combined our best-selling cherry and honey ciders together to create this blend. Cherry and honey mixes are one of our most popular blends at the taproom, so we listened to the people and made a new cider!

Specialty Ciders

Blueberry 10.8% A robust blend of our house cider chaptalized to increase alcohol and blended with blueberry. **Smaller serving size recommended as high alcohol content isn't noticeable to consumer**

Passion of the Fruit- 8.6% Alc. Semi Sweet, tart passion fruit cider. We ferment apples and passion fruit together to make a cider that hits every taste bud and will have you coming back for more.