Humboldt Cider Company
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We're here because we love what we do!

We love cider, and we figured other people do too. So, why not give our local people something crisp and delicious. We're Humboldt Cider Company and we're here to bring Humboldt County the best quality local cider.

Darren Cartledge Co-Founder & Cider Maker-

Hey! I'm Darren and I’ve been in Humboldt for about 10 years. I moved out here to raise my son. Before Humboldt I was a private and commercial yacht captain and then took a drastic move into the growing craft beer world. I started The Local Beer Bar in Eureka in 2012, Humboldt's first specialty craft beer bar, and loved every minute of it. My wife and I have since opened The Local Cider Bar (2015), CA's second specialty craft cider bar! I enjoy crafting cider and I have had the opportunity to share this experience with my son over the past few years, and now my daughter as well. Now I'm making a craft beverage for people to enjoy!

Michelle Cartledge  Co-Founder Accounts Receivable/ Marketing   -

I'm originally from San Diego and I've been in Humboldt for about eleven years now. I moved up here to attend Humboldt State University, where I received a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in management. While attending college I kind of made my way into the beer scene, bartending at awesome beer joints around town like Redwood Curtain Brewing Company in Arcata and The Local Beer Bar in Eureka. I met my husband and step-son and have been enjoying this crazy ride ever since. Our family grew in 2016 with a cute little girl :) I really enjoy cider and after bartending and serving some of California's most critical beer and cider enthusiast, I knew that I was not the only one. Bringing Humboldt County their own cider, we are determined to provide an amazing experience for cider drinkers through our meticulously crafted cider and iconic cider garden and new tasting room.

Jamie Ashdon Co-Founder & Cider Maker   - 

Hi my name is Jamie. I also moved to Humboldt roughly eleven years ago from the Seattle, WA area with my wife Jen and son Kaleb. We live on a small farm where we raise cows, goats, pigs and chickens and we also grow a ton of fresh fruits and veggies. In 2011 I started my first Humboldt business with my buddy Josh. We were both tired of buying our brewing supplies and equipment online so we launched Humboldt Beer Works. We're the only homebrew shop in Humboldt and its been a wonderful experience to be able to meet the needs of local homebrewers, cider makers, wine makers, mead makers and cheese makers. I've been making beer and cider at home for about 14 years. I love cider because I can go out and pick my own apples and have hands on the raw ingredients from the very beginning of the process. In many ways hard cider is the purest expression of the more subtle characteristics of the apple. Most apples are grown for their high sugar content and flavor while the acid and tannins take a back seat. But when you ferment out all or most of the sugar those other characteristics are allowed to shine through. Thanks for reading!

Tom Hart  Co-Owner & Sales/ Accounts/ Orchards   -

Hey guys! My name is Tom and I became part of this wonderful company in 2015. Originally from the Midwest, I attended high school at Glenbrook South in Glenview, IL and graduated with a degree in Modern Chinese History and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After spending several years in the Chicago corporate world, I decided to try a new path in life and moved to Humboldt County in 2011. I immediately fell in love with the area and a one-month stay has now turned into 6 years! I never would have imagined myself in the cider world, but was very fortunate to meet Darren, Michelle, and Jamie and discover my passion in life: hard cider! I hope you enjoy our product as much as I do. Cheers!

Humboldt County's Cider Company!

We started our adventure in creating Humboldt Cider Company in late 2013... 

Our first pressing was in August of 2014...

We had a successful Kickstarter campaign- raising money to open our Cider Garden!...

The Cider Garden opened at Redwood Acres Fairgrounds February 14th, 2015!...

As word got out our production started to increase and we began selling to different bars and restaurants around town...

As time progressed we decided to expand and open a Tap Room downtown - March 17th 2017